Coyote Wind is wildly good. Any book that makes you take your lover or yourself off to bed deserves a special place on your shelf. It will do that, it will restore your heart, it will bring you to the wild places of our earth, and then take you off the edge. Did we know all these faces of Coyote? I did not until Dyana Basist gave them to us: elegant, wily, smart, dreaming of the hunt, wiser than us, sleeping in the meadow ready to upend our world. May we be open to Coyote the way Basist is. These poems are mature, wondrous, full of surprises. Read Coyote Wind at the peril of waking up. 


Carolyn Brigit Flynn, author of Communion: In Praise of the Sacred Earth                         

Coyote Wind by Dyana Basist