Michael Ortiz Hill, Blues Song at the Edge of Chaos

Michael Ortiz Hill & Deena Metzger,

    Sacred Illness, Sacred Medicine

Michael Ortiz Hill & Deena Metzger,

    Meeting Sacred Illness

Deena Metzger, Living the Ritual

Craig Bernardini & Tanya Radford,

    Your Street is Not Your Street Anymore

Anne Waldman, Manifestos

Anne Waldman, Radical Presence

Anne Waldman, War Crime

Ernesto Cardenal, Revolution/Evolution

Steve Creson, The Occult of Not Seeing

William Burroughs, You Can’t Win

Allen Ginsberg, Don’t Fuck Up Your Revolution

Andy Hoffmann, Dante in Mexico

Andy Hoffmann, Beck Street

Michael Gills, Tomb Angels

Jim Jones, Kerouac in Seattle

Jim Jones, Carl Solomon: Report from the Sane Asylum

Paul West, Samuel Beckett, Born Astride a Grave

Paul West, The Backlash Against the Novel

Jeff Metcalf, The Last Steelhead

Michael Adams, Between Heaven & Earth

Jordan Zinovich, Chronicle of an Unverifiable Year

Michael McLane, Trace Elements


Elik Poetry Series


Hector Ahumada, The Highland Travelers/Los

    Viajeros del Altiplano

Randy Roark, The San Francisco Notebook

Ira Cohen, Chaos & Glory

Joel Long, Chopin’s Preludes

Joel Long, Safron Beneath Every Frost

Alex Caldiero, Body/Dreams/Organs

K.W. Brewer, Chiaroscuro

John Sinclair, full moon night

Ira Cohen, God’s Bounty

Jeffrey Taylor, don’t put it in your mouth

Hector Ahumada, Earth and Air Poems/Poemas

    Tierra y Aire

Elik Press Singles

Many thanks to the authors, especially Jim Jones and Edward Tick for multiple books and endless patience, Anne Waldman for much help launching the press, Michael Ortiz Hill and Deena Metzler for big heart, Alex Caldiero for hope, and to Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs, Paul West, Ira Cohen, Ken Brewer and Michael Adams who are no longer with us.


And thanks to Ken Sanders Books for keeping the paperbacks and chaps in circulation.  




SLC, 2016 

Joel Long